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Fishing on Chickamauga Lake

Fishing on the lake at sunset.

You will rarely find a day with even mildly fair weather that the Chickamauga Lake isn’t hosting some fishing party, whether it’s a party of one out for a quiet morning sink of the hook or a national scene as it hosts one of the many professional Bass Tournaments with master fisherman from around the globe in attendance. This 58-mile stretch reservoir along the Tennessee River is home to some of the most incredible fish you’ll ever encounter. ‘Lake Chick’ as the locals call it, is always abuzz and the chances of catching your dinner while you build your campfire is very likely.  

Fishing is the most popular way to spend a day at Chickamauga Lake

Ideal for family fun

Well known as a bass haven, the lake is home to a wide variety of fish like the largemouth bass, redear sunfish, channel catfish, striped bass and blue catfish. And with 34,500 acres of lake, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Even beginners a great opportunity to tell their fishing tales. Fishing piers are prominent and a great way to bring families together for a thrill. From tots to teens, kids are experiencing a recreation that leaves memorable lasting impressions.      

Family fishing fun on Chickamauga Lake

Easy access to all your fishing needs

Stretching almost 60 miles long gives ample opportunities to have a full weekend of fish and play.  Bait Shops and Marinas have all the fishing supplies you could ask for.  You can easily obtain a fishing license at these locations and often can purchase a license by going online. Rent a boat or bring your own to the water for a day trip or a week-long getaway you’ll never forget. With over 40 boating ramps, you’re sure to find a put-in near you.

Bait shops and Marinas have all the fishing supplies you need on Lake Chick.

Think you might want to try the art of fly fishing?  Check out the headwaters of Chickamauga Lake at the upper end of the great Hiwassee River for guides that specialize in this thrilling water sport. Grab your fishing waders and find a good cold spot for your best chances of catching dinner. Whatever your favorite style of fishing is, you can count on Chickamauga Lake to easily provide you with everything you will need.

Schedule an expert fishing guide like those at Chris Hight Fishing or Scenic City Fishing and you just might catch a monster to display on your wall when you get home. No matter how you prefer to fish, you can do it your way on Chickamauga Lake. When you visit, don’t forget to send us your pics from the Lake to be featured on our website! Now get out there and bend some lines! 

Chris hight is a licensed bass and crappie guide.

Capt. Simms has 50 years of experience as a tennessee river rat.