A beautiful day on the Chickamauga Lake
A beautiful day on the Chickamauga Lake

Welcome to Chickamauga Lake. Located just 4.5 miles North from the stunning Scenic City of Chattanooga stretching through five counties, with 810 miles of shoreline.  Whether you’re looking for boat rentals, outdoor lakeside dining, the 2nd in the world best fishing, campinghiking, sandy beaches, or State Parks, Lake Chickamauga has it all. This is where the majestic eagles soar, and the stunning breathtaking beauty of the lake creates a sense of inner peace and harmony.  Home of several wildlife refuges, the majestic mountains and lake life create a view leaving outdoor adventurists breathless.

State parks on the Chickamauga Lake

So Many Water Activities

Lake Chick, as the locals call it, is also a boater’s delight. With the lake stretching 58.9 miles long, visitors have plenty to enjoy. Whether it’s by boat, kayak, jet ski, sailboat, yacht or canoe, there are plenty of boat ramps, stretching through 5 counties, creating easy access for several types of watercraft vessels and making it easy for you to begin your outdoor water adventures.

Water Activities on the Chickamauga Lake

Relax and Getaway on Lake Chick

For guests aspiring to get away from the craziness of everyday life and stay awhile, you can rest assured knowing you will have a good night’s sleep and can finally unwind however you choose.  Whether the fresh crisp mountain air is your perfect morning or the soothing comfort of a cozy lounge sounds needed, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. Lodges and cabins, as well as tent camping sites and RV parks, are very inviting and happy to offer visitors a memorable stay.   

Sunset on the Chickamauga Lake

While planning your lake day or entire vacation stay, be sure to visit check out all we offer here at Lake Chick Fun for all of your needs. Vacation Rentals, Watercraft Rentals, Paddleboard Rentals, Trails, Campsites, Restaurants, Marinas, Festivals, Beaches, Events, and more.

Boating on the Chickamauga Lake

Thousands of visitors agree that Chickamauga Lake brings a soothing, fresh, adventurous and healing state of mind to them, leaving them with an immense sense of wellbeing.  We invite you to visit and become a part of this unforgettable landscape.